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Transparency and customer satisfaction are key elements within our company relations, and that is why we have been keeping excellent relations with our clients for a long time and have a profound history for that.

“Contacting Us and Describing Your Wishes”

Our Guest Relations Manager will receive your inquiries and provide you with the best possible solutions. All of the information provided with the medical case is completely confidential.

“Preliminary Treatment Plan”

We will have your medical file checked by our medical staff and find you the best possible institution for the treatment. The Preliminary Treatment Plan and the Cost Estimation are conveyed to the valued customer (Patient). Upon your agreement, we will arrange for the medical treatment and all other, non-medical details determined beforehand.

If requested, the Guest Relations Manager will assist you with visas, accommodations, transportation, and any other service from a wide range of choices – as per your need.

“Your Stay in Switzerland”

At Swiss Healthcare Services, our vision is to ease our clients’ state – especially in difficult life situations; thus, we will be with you along the way during your medical stay in Switzerland upon request.

We are delighted to arrange your stay in Switzerland starting with helping you obtain the required entry visa, finding suitable accommodations for individuals and families, translators, personal assistants, shopping, sightseeing, limousine service and car hire, and other tailored services as per your specific needs.

“End of Journey and Back Home”

The medical reports might be done while you are in Switzerland, depending on the duration of your stay. In all cases, we will make sure to receive your medical reports regardless of where you are. You may request for us to keep a copy of your files for future follow-up, or to completely destroy them. To learn about the final cost and invoices, please go to costs.